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About Us

Alternative Financing Solutions

The Company

Iceberg Finance is a FinTech company offering alternative financing solutions in the automotive, insurance products, extended warranties and personal loans sectors.

Iceberg Finance is distinguished by its innovative financing programs, its state-of-the-art loan platform and its professional customer service.

The company also stands out in the personal loan market by offering a simple, fast and transparent financing solution for borrowers. Our IF Xpress program thus meets an important need for our dealer and merchant partners.

Our Mission

Offer innovative and flexible financing solutions tailored to the changing and specific needs of our customers and business partners.

Our Objectives

  • Contribute concretely to our customers’ credit file recovery
  • Help our clients achieve their full financial independence
  • Facilitate transactions for our business partners
  • Increase revenues for our business partners

Our Values

  • Integrity without compromise
  • Efficiency, innovation and simplicity
  • Passion and excellence at the service of our customers and business partners

Our Partners


Our philosophy is based on excellence, thoroughness, honesty, transparency, dedication, simplicity, and we are constantly looking for people who are ready to put these principles into practice. As a fast-growing company, our stimulating work environment will surely charm you. Submit your resume by email at if you want to join our dynamic team!

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